Former world champion surfer Luke Egan’s top five global surf spots

1.    Keramas, Bali

Personally, Komune Resort in Bali plays host to one of my favorites waves in the world. Keramas, located right in front of Komune Resort, Bali is without a doubt one of thebest high performance right hand reef breaks around with a big barrel section at takeoff that opens up to an incredible high performance wave.   The wave can be surfed day andnight as the waves are illuminated by light installations for 24 hour surfing. I love going there with my family, letting them kick back on a big day bed at the pool, have great coffee, drinks and food while I’m right out front surfing. Keramas beach plays host each June to the ASP Bali WCT Pro, so the worlds best surfers can often be seen putting on some mind blowing surfing displays.  A must see wave and a cool place to bring your family for a chilled out holiday.

Prices start from $AUD91 per night* per room with one hour of night surfing at $20


2.    Jbay (Jeffreys Bay)

Voted as one of the greatest waves in the world, for me, J-Bay is African perfection. I’m forever in awe of the consistently powerful and clean right-hander.

There’s a reason why it attracts surfers from all around the globe.

The bay hosts the Billabong ASP world tour event ‘Super Tubes’, allowing me to compete among the various breaks in the area. The waves are renowned for their long, fast rides, going for 300m of more at a time, the ultimate ride!

If you’re a keen surfer on the search for perfection then JBay is the place for you. Add it to your bucket list and make sure it gets checked off some time soon.


3.    Fiji Namot

Fiji Namotu is full on fun. If I’m not surfing I’m fishing monster tuna at this thrill seekers Mecca. It’s got seven unique surf breaks right near by, including the infamous Cloudbreak, a perfect left generated by huge south swells, a ride not for the faint of heart. Even if surfing isn’t your thing, this island will keep you entertained and craving more. The big game fishing and snorkeling is beyond incredible. Namotu sits on the edge of the Mamanuca archipelago, meaning world-class fishing can be enjoyed right near the island on the decks of ‘The Duck’, Namotu’s 28-foot sports fishing boat. You can jig, pop or troll your way to the catch of a lifetime, and the best part, whatever you catch ends up on your dinner plate that night! There are countless reefs to explore and the staff are super friendly and welcoming, always making you feel at home in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Contact The Surf Travel Company on (02) 9222 8873 or Atoll Travel on 1800 622 310 for reservations and availability.


4.    G-land (Indo) Bobby’s camp

Bobby’s G Land in Indonesia is like no other. Staying in their jungle style surf camp brings you back to basics and allows you to focus on your surfing. Also known as Bobby’s camp, the Balinese location plays hosts to some hard core waves, which are up there amongst the best reef breaks in the world. I can go there without the distractions of modern luxuries and train, surfing top quality waves with other committed surfers. If you live and breathe surfing then G Land is the place for you. Call your mates and book the next ticket over. You won’t regret it!

Standard accommodation packages start from $AUD718 for 3 days and 3 nights.


5.  The  Superbank, Coolangatta Gold Coast

Stretching from Snapper rocks through the picturesque greenmount beach and on great days all the way through to Kirra, the world famous “Super bank” is one of my favorite breaks in the world.  A single wave was ridden here for over 2 km a few years back.  A long right hand point break has amazing variety of barrels and long roping walls that you can ride until your legs  give out. Komune Gold Coast is a  cool little hotel right in front of the greenmount section of the Superbank with unique ocean views and spectacular sunsets looking almost west over the ocean from its  nestled on Greenmount headland. Komune had a vibrant surf culture happening in its beach club with epic sunset sessions with live bands and DJs each weekend where guests rub shoulders with some of theworlds best surfersand locals.  as one of the best party scenes all in the one place.Snapper Rocks plays host each year o the Quicksilver Pro, a point break which forms part of the world famous man-made ‘Superbank’ 

Prices start from $AUD142 for a one bedroom Ocean Suite at Komune Resort, Gold Coast.


4 thoughts on “Former world champion surfer Luke Egan’s top five global surf spots

  1. This is awesome, I can’t believe there is a place to surf 24 hours a day! I wanna plan a surf trip so badly.

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