Through the eyes of a ranger at Banjaar Tola Tented Camp, India.

image011My name is Sadhvi Singh and I have been a naturalist at Banjaar   Tola Tented Camp since 2011. We have been spoiled here at Kanha National Park with some fantastic wildlife sightings. There is a family of five tigers, a tigress and her four beautiful cubs, and I’m lucky enough to have been seeing them regularly since the cubs were approximately five months old. This is believed to be the tigress’ first litter and the not-so little ones are now estimated to be 17 months old. I was also fortunate to see a bear when I was checking a watering hole for tigers. It was quite unusual to see him so late in the morning, but I suspect he was hungry and came in search of food. I encourage you all to visit Banjaar Tola to witness the extraordinary Indian wildlife yourselves. To see a tiger in the wild is definitely a bucket list moment.

Naturalist, Banjaar Tola Tented Camp
Kanha National Park, India

image015 image014



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