Le Boat introduces a new wave of innovative pleasure cruisers following a €15M agreement with Delphia Yachts

Demand for inland waterways boating holidays is at an all-time high, and Le Boat, Europe’s largest operator of self-drive boating holidays, understands that to thrive in the competitive boating holiday market, innovation and investment is key. Which is why they’ve decided to shake up the industry with a €15M agreement with luxury boat builder Delphia Yachts. Together they’re bringing a new wave of elegant and innovative pleasure cruisers […]

Your essential guide for tipping in Europe

Are you visiting a country where tipping is customary or required? Appreciated but not expected? Or practically unheard-of? The truth is, tipping rules vary from country-to-country, from region-to-region, and from scenario-to-scenario. For example, a simple rounding up of the bill may be fine in some places, but insufficient, or even rude in others. These kinds of uncertainties […]